Qik Draw Universal Belts

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 Black or White


Extra Small- 22” - 26''

Small- 28” - 32''

Medium- 32” - 34''

Medium/Large- 34'' - 38''

Large- 38'' - 42''

1XL-Extra Lrg. 42” - 46”

2XL-Extra Lrg. 46'' - 50''

QikDraw Universal Gun Holster

Qikdraw Universal Belts

Qik Draw Universal Gun Holster was designed to CONCEAL 2 weapons of choice, at the same time or any small or large automatic or revolver. Designed for support, comfort and durability as a everyday use. Qik Draw Holster is made of a 5 inch special blend of medical grade ventilated elastic that is cool, lightweight and durable. Included is a 4-inch waist adjustment that allows for multiple positions; assuring every belt is secure and has a comfortable fit. This unique Gun Holster will not roll up, or sweat.

Qik Draw Holster has 2 gun holsters for left or right handed cross draw and can be positioned anywhere on the torso as desired. It can be positioned in back or front or hip draw with 2 magazine clip pockets, 2 pockets for Driver's License or ID badge, a large pocket for handcuffs or as a money belt. Optional pockets can be used for personal electronics. Qik Draw Holster comes with an adjustable thumb break that secures the weapon from a small .22 automatic or revolver to large weapons such as a .45 Glock, or Desert Eagle. It is designed for left or right handed draw, and is available in black or white. This product also comes with an additional shoulder strap that will secure the weapon in its position as needed.


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