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Welcome To QIK DRAW

Welcome to the Official Qik Draw Universal Belt Online Store. We have been in business since 1991, manufacturing this this one and only universal draw concealable gun holster, that will hold any size caliber or revolver handgun In addition, we also have the ankle cross draw concealable holsters available. This product has been a great success due to its incredible comfort, support, and durable fabric and we are positive you’ll love it! We are proud to say all of our belts are made here in the United States. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

Thank you for taking this time to view and read about our products. We started out as a small California company focused on listening to the needs of our customers, and responding by serving our customers with innovative, and unmatched quality products. Over the years we have sold thousands of our products, and thanks to the ongoing response from our customers we are selling even more. By popular demand we have opened an online store to be able to serve even more of our customers with our great products. Over the years, we have been to numerous gun shows all over the United States. Our products have been a hit everywhere we go. We continue to sell the same great holster belts and continue to develop and offer new products. We have received positive comments from law enforcement all over the United States, and from the general public; expressing that when they are carrying their weapons with.our Qik Draw Universal Belts,they are provided with incredible comfort, support, and also that our belts are made from durable fabric. Our products are handmade in the United States. When you purchase any of our products, you are supporting a local business in the United States. Other competitors offer cheap imported materials that are not even a fraction of the quality and craftsmanship that we offer with our products. We are so confident at our pricing and our products that if you are not 100 percent satisfied, just return your purchase back to us for a refund; we stand by our products by providing a 100 PERCENT SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. 

Yours Truly,

Max Coblentz